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Creative Design Studio

· Visual Identity, Interior/Retail Design, & Project Management ·

· Commercial, Residential & Event · 

· Worldwide ·

A vision

French Project Manager & Designer with many years of experience managing Retail Design Projects for the Montblanc Maison. Coralie Cokini handed over more than 150 projects in Retail Design & Store Planning worldwide. 


After living consecutively in the USA for 9 years and in Germany for 2 years, Coralie started her own Creative Studio, Crème de la Crème, aiming to offer the best quality of retail design services worldwide.

The Studio was born 2 years after the Covid-19 pandemic began. This key moment in time dramatically challenged our lives and changed our way of working and interacting with people.

Observing the new office habits that were developed during this time and, strong of a professional and personal experience the idea was created to offer la Creme de la Creme service in terms of Retail Design & Store Planning, with a 360-degrees view to the world.

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